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PostSubject: introduction   Wed Oct 21, 2009 11:36 pm

hi, my name is ReBecca, im 28, and a single mom of two. My oldest is alexis shes 11 in 6th grade. My youngest is Alyssa shes 8 and in 3rd, she is diagnosed with pdd/ a typical autism. She is a handful, we just got her diagnosis in april of 08, after years of wondering what was diffrent with her. Her ped first noticed but thought maybe she was just delayed but she had an awesome 1st grade teacher who was the one who recomended getting her tested, i got her tested twice just to be sure i didnt want anymore shes just delayed or maybe's. both of which came up with the same for the most part, one said pdd/ aspbergers the other said a typical. She has no spech delays for the most part as b4 we knoew what she had she had been in speech for 4 years and has graduated, but sometimes hard to tell as she baby talks frequently. she struggles in reading, writing and spelling but is pretty good in math, she went to a school who at this time will remain nameless, who passed her grade to grade giving her lower grade work to do instead of addressing the problems, or helping her. She reads on a first grade level and speel on mostly a kindergarden level. I transfered her to a new school this year, so were doing better, she has tutoring 2 days a week for now, and were starting to work on an iep. I do need some help as we are new to this and im not sure what all to look for or ask for to help her, ive read alot and reaserched since finding this out, but still hard sometimes. Most who meet her think noways shes normal, as with the school, which they constantly question it. She is very high functioning, as given we were always hearing she was just delayed shes been in therapy and worked with alot. but has her lovely quarks as i call them. Shes much worse at home than at school, this year anyways before at the other school where she was in her comfort zone she would she through more. She has behavioral problems, she hits, kicks, bite herself and others, she yells alot, shes spacey, she talks to herself alot, headbangs and rock, the rocking and headbanging is getting better not as often as it used to be.
shes starting to join group things more. but she can be downrite moody and mostly mean, shes has a temper. But at tiimes which is less and less shes can be so sweet. Im working with the school liason to get things in place and would love to kow what all i should be asking, and requesting. My oldest is great most of the time, she gets mad but does pretty good most of the time with her sisters temper and understands for the most part why she acts like she does, but at times still gets mad or embaresed with her sister. Does anyone else have this problem?
Alexis at times dont get alot of attention and i feel bad, she helps me out alot, she helps with chores and keeping up with alyssa. shes a great girl, the best. but i think she would like a friend that understands, as she dont have any that has any sibling with AS, so they either ask whats wrong with your sister, or OMG shes a brat, whick alex sometimes agrees and sometimes gets mad. Or she gets the your sister is so cute and they want to play with her and alex feels left out, so id love to get her a friend who understands better so she could have someone to talk to other than just me.
Alyssa has 2 autistic friends she plays with one is 6 and one is 4, shes does pretty good with them. My family dont belive the diag. or that theres any problems, they preffer to say shes just spoiled and babied. I guess thats easier, most people will not watch her for me and my famiy says shes to much so i dont get much away time. im a stay at home mom right now, but am at the school alot, and busy. well im done with this book now, sorry got longer than i planned. hope to meat some wonderful people and hope to learn more about AS from real people who know about it. thank you
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